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We are proud to announce the Line Traveling Circus, including Will Wesson and    Andy Parry, will be joining us for Week 3 of On-Snow Camp this summer!

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About The Line Traveling Circus:

In the world of skiing videos, there exists big production films, documenting only the top pro skiers on terrain no average human will ever access. On the other side of the spectrum is the 60 second online sponsor me edits. In 2008, Line and it's underground band of misfit skiers lead by Will Wesson & Andy Parry set out to document skiing like never before. No high production camera crews, no heli trips to AK, just a couple of guys and a camera criss crossing the US in search of nothing but an angled surface to slide on armed with good old fashioned creativity. It was reality TV meets skiing and the overwhelmingly positive response from skiers around the world watching this FREE monthly online series was mind blowing. From desperate struggles to save money, to ridiculous off hill adventures, to epic days on the mountain, episodes will bridge the gap between reality television and action packed ski intensity from California to Europe. We are back for a fourth season this winter with the trusty Van and more crazy skiing and traveling!

Meet The LINE Traveling Circus:


Will Wesson is a collector of spare change and urban specialist.

Age: 25

Location: Somewhere out there

Home Mountain: Victor,NY/Bristol Mountain

Sponsors: Line, Orage, Scott USA, Bern Unlimited, Outdoor Technology, Full Tilt, Ski The East, Kombi


Andy Parry leads the weird-grind, personal-hygiene and neck-beard circus acts.

Age: 25

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Home Mountain: Bristol Mountain, NY

Sponsors: Line, Ski The East, Full Tilt boots, Imag3, DNA


Van Bear Pig is named by the members of, gets 22 mpg and houses various skier types throughout the year somewhere in North America. If you see him, please take a picture, post it on the Traveling Circus Facebook Page and he may send you some free stuff!

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Traveling Circus On-Snow Camp starting at $1,599!



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