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The Results Are In


Congratulations BRANDON KIRKLAND, the winner of our Summer Camp Giveaway!

The instructions were simple: Submit a photo with 100 words or less describing why your summer is going to suck if you can't go to Woodward. The contestant with the most votes by May 29th won a free week of camp AND 50% off a week for a friend. 

The contest was hosted on the Woodward Tahoe and Woodward at Copper Facebook pages, and anyone and everyone was invited to enter! After the entry deadline on May 22 the public had one week to cast their vote on who thought think should win! 

When everything was all said and done, Brandon's entry, "Save Me from the YMCA," compiled a whopping 172 votes!!


Brandon's entry: Save Me From the YMCA

"Anybody reading this please save me from the YMCA !!!
I can’t go another summer singing songs on a bus and lame field trips. My passion is snowboarding and going to camp Woodward would be a dream come true. Just like my 4-day trip to Mammoth was a dream come true until the worst possible thing happened. On my 1st day ever at Mammoth I cased a jump on my 5th run and fractured my ankle. So please vote for me so I can get another chance to snowboard this summer."

Congratulations Brandon!  Now you definitely have another chance to snowboard this summer!  We look forward to seeing you at Woodward Tahoe very soon!

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