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RECAP: Woodward Tahoe Pool Party

After having to postpone the pool party for a full week, the stage was set for an anything goes skate jam.  It all started off on a perfect Saturday afternoon when we fired up the grill and started cracking Red Bulls. Our very own Nelson Hawkins kicked off the jam with a ceremonious ribbon cutting by airing out of the bowl and a big welcome message from Matt Peterson. Once the jam opened up, all the competitors took turns lapping the bowl in search of a lei. Every competitor to get lei-ed made it into our final jam where things became out of control. 

Early on in the event, riders of all ages took to the bowl and the hammers didn’t stop until DJ Paul from Skullcandy pulled the power cord.  Riders like Gavin Bottger (only 6 years old) were pulling frontside airs left and right while others focused on more technical lip tricks. Cody Horan showed off insane skills mixed with massive amplitude from start to finish.  In the final minutes of the contest, Tyler Lynch even got to pull off an Ollie North transfer into the deep end giving him Best Trick and a 2013-14 Boreal Season Pass. Although everyone killed it, Taylor Hagland took the podium because of his creative use of the bowl and endless lines.  Seriously, it has been rumored his feet haven’t left his boards in weeks. GoPro athlete Tim Humphries showed up with a smile and helped hand out all our awards including some brand new GoPro Hero 3s.

Big thanks to everyone that made this possible; let’s make it happen again next year! Check out the photos and video from the event below.


  1. Taylor Williams – GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition with LCD Touch Backpac
  2. Cody Horan – 2013-14 Bunker Pass
  3. Shane Sayers – 2013-14 Bunker Pass

Best Trick: Tyler Lynch (Bowl transfer Ollie North) – 2013-14 Boreal Season Pass

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