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"Start With Woodward"

Start your progression inside the Woodward Bunker where we will take you through basic movements and skill building then take it to snow on Boreal Mountain. Expert coaches, that know how to teach and love to shred, will work with you in a small group setting to meet your goals.  Using every feature we have on the mountain and in The Bunker including tramps, launch ramps, pump tracks, foam pits, terrain parks and the BagJump, we know you’re going to have an awesome experience... Check it out!

Volcom PB & Rail Jam- 2014 Edit & Recap

Volcom PBRJ 2014 from Woodward Tahoe on Vimeo.

This year, the Peanut Butter and Rail Jam at Boreal should have been called the Peanut Butter and Taco Fiesta. The boarders in each age division only had one 30 minute jam to prove their worthiness to the acclaimed panel of judges. With the short heat time in mind, the contestants didn't waste anytime with warmup tricks; they went straight to the "meat" of their bag of tricks and there was plenty of tacos to go around.



1st: Graham Hailey
2nd: Caleb Bonneville
3rd: Dustin Orr
4th: Denver Orr
5th:  Ryan Murphy

1st:  Matt Williams
2nd: Alex Herrmann
3rd: Mark Gama
4th: Austin Cole
5th: Bobby Dean

1st: Kaleah Opal
2nd: Danika Duffy
3rd: Marissa Krawczak
4th: Alex Irons
5th: Lauren Broomall

1st: Jared McDaniel
2nd: Eric Royce
3rd: Shane Sayers
4th: Austin Bayless
5th: Josh Naasz

REV'D RIDER: $100 – Kaleah Opal

"Labeled" - Full Movie

Woodward Tahoe presents "Labeled" - Full Movie from Woodward Tahoe on Vimeo.

Woodward Tahoe, home of ridiculously fun parks, summer camp sessions, and creative Superpark builds, presents Labeled, a full movie that brings you all the action from the 2012/2013 snow season at Woodward Tahoe in three sections: Winter, Summer, and Superpark. Enjoy the snowboarding of Sammy Spiteri, Tommy Gesme, Tim Eddy, Erik Leon, Brady Lem, Johnny Brady, Gray Thompson, and many more in this video that deserves but one label: totally awesome. - Snowboarder Magazine

Thank you to all the athletes, photogs, filmers, and other supporters that helped make this video possible

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