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2012 w9 girls sk8 easternfront ph - CopyDesigned by our staff and pros, our skateboard program focuses on skills, balance and style. After the daily group instruction sessions, attention is turned toward skaters' individual tricks. Instructors are stationed throughout the Woodward Tahoe campus and you can ride the facility of your choice. Everywhere you look we've got concrete bowls, ledges, wall rides, mini ramps—a skater’s heaven!

Campers of all different skateboard experience are invited to shred our parks with some of the best staff and pros in the business. Every week, you’ll get the chance to session with the very pros you’ve seen in the magazines and rest assured they’ll help you step your game up—next level skating. No doubt, a trip out here with us will not leave you disappointed.

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Upon arrival to camp, campers will be placed into instruction groups by our staff based on age and ability level. Everyday campers receive upwards of 4 hours of group instruction from our professionals, followed by an additional 9 hours of open session. Encouragement, challenge and progression are staple parts of our program and the pros will be leading you all the way.

Can't stomp your trick? Top pro skateboarders and instructors will be on the call to help you dial in your next move. If the street-inspired parks aren't enough and you want air, then take it to The Bunker. Learn air awareness on the tramps and then get your board under your feet on the Launch Pad. The Launch Pad is the marque feature of The Bunker designed with multiple drop-in levels, launch ramps and landings into both foam pits and resi.


Tsk8 worthington skatepark crailslide ph-9843-2 - Copyhe standard for Camp Woodward facilities has always held at the highest level and the Woodward Tahoe campus is no exception. Constantly evolving with the feedback from the people that know best, our pros and staff, the campus provides skateboarders of all level endless lines and obstacles to session.



2012 w7 act slipnslide camper colton phSummer camp is all about fun and with 35+ additional activities, there's plenty to do if you want to take a break from skating. You can design a custom deck at Create-A-Skate, catapult into Lake Woodward from The Blob, scurry around during a paintball game or even learn a new sport. The options are endless!



2012 w9 nikita bday campphotoSummer camp is a sleepover every night! All campers stay in The Bunkhouse which even has a movie theater and video game lounge. Each bunkroom is furnished in its own special theme but all have bunkbeds and bathrooms with showers. Campers are placed in bunkrooms based on age and sport. There is a maximum of 11 campers per bunkroom and counselors are present day and night. Believe us, after a long day of skateboarding, your bunk will never look better! 


2012 w7 camper lodge food banana ph - CopyFood, glorious food! Fuel up at the Mess Hall with all-you-can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals and menus vary daily but always include fresh locally sourced produce. Dinners are a great way to end the day and favorites include Fajita Fridays, Hawaiian Ham and Summer Thanksgiving.

Moondoe's Cafe is snack heaven! It's stocked full of frozen slushies, Red Bulls and other tasty treats.


WEEK #1 JUNE 14 - 20, 2015*   $1,099
WEEK #2 JUNE 21 - 27, 2015* COLLEGE & ADULT WEEK
In addition to the regular camp session, college students and adults aged 18+ are allowed to attend this week! Lodging not included.
WEEK #3 JUNE 28 - JULY 4, 2015   $1,099
WEEK #4 JULY 5 - 11, 2015   $1,099
WEEK #5 JULY 12 - 18, 2015 MINIs WEEK
In addition to the regular camp session, MINI campers aged 7-12 are encouraged to attend to this week!
WEEK #6 JULY 19 - 25, 2015   $1,099
WEEK #7 JULY 26 - AUGUST 1, 2015   $1,099
In addition to the regular camp session, girl campers are encouraged to attend to this week!

*Weeks #1 & #2: Outside Campus may be limited due to weather

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Interested in coming to camp but not able to afford the full cost? With Woodward Tahoe's payment plans you can break up the cost of camp into three separate payments throughout the year. Just put $199 down and this holds your spot for Summer Camp 2015! Then, you will pay the remaining balance in two equal payments.

Written cancellations postmarked 30 days prior to arrival will receive a refund of the session fee minus a $219 non-refundable deposit. Cancellations within 30 days of the camp session are non-refundable.


Check out the FAQ and Parent Information sections and see if your question is answered there. If not, give us a shout at the Camp Office at 530-426-1114 x33307. We love to chat about camp!


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